Have you left enough bandwidth?

So you have been trying to start a business for weeks now and just can’t get the ball rolling. You have read all the books. You have bought the business cards. But when it comes time to sit down and start the work, it just never seems to happen. Another week goes by and you reassure yourself that starting Monday you will find time to sit down and get to Business™. Monday comes and goes. Tuesday comes and goes. Next thing you know and 2022 comes and goes.

The first excuse you can think of is you just don’t have enough time <INSERT ARTICLE ON NOT ENOUGH TIME>. But if you are really being honest, you acknowledge that you probably could have squeezed in some productive time instead of the hour detour into your buddy from 3rd grade Facebook life. There are some people that truly may not have enough time to start new important habits, but the actual cases are few and far in between. It usually boils down to motivation and bandwidth.

The sexy part of the equation is motivation. Being Bout That Life is a strong motivator. That is what everyone is always hoping to find. A highly motivated person overcomes adversity because of their drive alone. They enjoy the process or at minimum they immensely value the process. Unfortunately motivation is not something that you can always count on. It comes when it wants and leaves when you need it most. If you have tried everything and nothing else works, I recommend giving the Bout That Life Bootcamp a try. The same way simply smiling when you are upset can make you happier, making your lifes focus a single thing can motivate you to do that thing. Turns out fake it till you make it does occasionally work!

So you have the time but you don’t have the motivation and you just can’t get motivated. The next step would be to really think about your values. <INSERT ARTICLE ON VALUES>. Do you even want to start a business? Are you sure your primary values have nothing to do with money, business or the freedom they bring? You better be sure, because the next steps are simple but far from easy. <INSERT ARTICLE ON SIMPLE VS EASY>. If you are sure that starting a business is the right thing for you, but you just cant seem to find the motivation to fit it in, then it seems like you may have to start solving a bandwidth issue.

By the time you deal with all the other non-enjoyable or difficult things you have to do in your daily life, you just simply run out of bandwidth to think about and do another difficult things. You can’t do it all plus your new venture. A big factor of bandwidth is discipline <INSERT ARTICLE ON DISCIPLINE>, but it is not the only factor. You can try and increase your discipline or bandwidth <INSERT ARTICLE ON INCREASING DISCIPLINE & BANDWIDTH>, but this is a slow and long term commitment in itself. So in this article we will focus on reallocation instead of expansion.

Here are some tips on trying to maximize your chances of success:

  • Plan a short but doable chunk of time at the beginning of the day to dedicate towards your business or idea.
  • Try to minimize the choices you have to make in a day.
  • Optimize your “time off” by choosing to do things that lower mental stress instead of increase mental stress.
  • See if there is anything in your life that is taking up a disproportionate amount of mental energy compared to what you get out of it. An example of this would be a toxic relationship that you could end.

As they say…. Something has to give. Hopefully these tips could help you find some much needed bandwidth to start you new venture.

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