Want ideas? Stop being boring!

Having trouble generating ideas? Don’t see any problems to solve? Your problem may be that you aren’t truly in the producer mindset yet <INSERT ARTICLE ON GOING FROM CONSUMER TO PRODUCER>. If you haven’t specifically tried to notice problems you can solve, this will definitely be the first thing to solve.

The other, less talked about, roadblock could simply be that you are a boring person! Haha. OK, maybe that is a little harsh. But the truth is that life can get so busy sometimes that we stop doing hobbies and other activities that open the door to even encountering opportunity. If all you do all day is work, eat & sleep then you may still be exposed to some problems but they are in very limited fields. Depending on your occupation, you may also only be exposed to problems that are much bigger projects that you are willing to commit to.

When I had young children, most of my hobbies stopped for a period of time. So all of a sudden, my world got alot smaller. I want to stress that it is still just an excuse <INSERT ARTICLE ON EXCUSE VS REASON>. Since I could still come up with something in the baby world, for example. But the more you are out there experiencing different facets of life, the better your chances are of bumping into something.

So if you feel light on ideas, go out in the world and have some fun! Reignite that photography interest you had in college. Check back in on your favorite firearm forums. Start trying out hot sauces again. Sign back up with your local yoga studio. Hobbies are a great way to become an expert in something while not having the same motivational issues as work does. The fun and your interest sustains the motivation.

The great part about diving back into an old hobby is that you can pick it up fast but come at it with a fresh perspective. Stay on the lookout for things people complain about on the forums. Notice things you have to jury-rig to make work properly in your hobby. For example, before the selfie stick (I know, I know, an abomination!) people would have to find random things in the scenary to rest their camera on or rely on other people. A cheap stick that holds a camera, turned into a million dollar idea.

So get out of your house and expose yourself to the real world!

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