Want ideas? Stop being boring!

Having trouble generating ideas? Don’t see any problems to solve? Your problem may be that you aren’t truly in the producer mindset yet <INSERT ARTICLE ON GOING FROM CONSUMER TO PRODUCER>. If you haven’t specifically tried to notice problems you can solve, this will definitely be the first thing to solve. The other, less talked… Continue reading Want ideas? Stop being boring!

The True Cost of Consumption!

The true cost of Consumption! In an effort to reach [financial independence] – you must strive not to be wasteful with money or indulge significantly in depreciating assets. What I will highlight here is how I think about many purchases – and the TRUE cost of consumption – whether it be adding on to what… Continue reading The True Cost of Consumption!

Diverting Willpower

Having enough bandwidth to complete your daily tasks let alone EXCEL is a tough proposition. When so much is already on the to-do plate daily, how do you find extra energy / motivation / time / perseverance / dedication to conquer your reading list, start a business/side gig and get in the best shape of… Continue reading Diverting Willpower

‘Bout That Life Bootcamp

Lack of motivation is one of the biggest gripes I hear from people that are struggling to make entrepreneurship work. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to say to them to help. Afterall, during a big portion of my career I had motivational issues myself! Everywhere you look there is some public speaker… Continue reading ‘Bout That Life Bootcamp

‘Bout That Life’ and why it’s so important to be obsessive about it!

Bout that life Years back it almost stuck out of the blue – that what culminated as ‘success’ was really a tendency, actions, mindsets and habits that all coined our term of ‘about that life’. It’s what separated the winners from the losers. It what made some break through and get to the top, vs… Continue reading ‘Bout That Life’ and why it’s so important to be obsessive about it!

Making Millions vs Managing Millions – the debates and struggles of both!

For many years – watching the savings grow, and cash stockpile – was never a good reason to look into investing. A paltry 7% return, with a side of risk <ARTICLE ON RISK OF INVESTING>  was not a great match vs putting away hundreds of thousands of dollars into the bank account years after year.… Continue reading Making Millions vs Managing Millions – the debates and struggles of both!

What’s Your Why?

Outside of just pure luck, there are a few fundamental things that have to be true (to a certain extent) for you to be “Successful” <INSERT ARTICLE ON AGREEING WHAT SUCCESFUL MEANS FOR OUR CONTEXT>. One of those things is willingness to sacrifice <INSERT ARTICLE ON SACRIFICE>. This is the cliche “work hard today for… Continue reading What’s Your Why?

Why Starting New is So Hard

After a successful business sale in 2021 – you are left wondering what’s next. But with that business sale also came a shift and a full cleanse of daily tasks and duties, colleague camaraderie, employees, obligations and responsibilities. Gone were the day-to-day tasks keeping your business humming and running, your identity at the office, the… Continue reading Why Starting New is So Hard